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Checklist of the material to be delivered

If you want to supply JCDecaux with color-controlled, ready-to-print material, make sure that the material is made in accordance with the instructions below.

1. Check that the material is the right size and that the requirements specific to the advertising medium are taken into account.
See here: Dimensions of posters and design instructions for printed material

2. Use the latest valid ICC profile.
When preparing material for JCDecaux production, use the latest valid CMYK color profile Coated Fogra39 (ISO 12647:2:2004) as a profile in color management.


When using profiles for color separation, it is good to remember that a low-quality original does not improve: profiles only optimize color separation for the printing process used.

 3. Color manage all images and colored elements of the material.


4. Include the color profile in the production-ready files.


5. Check that all the fonts you use are included in the PDF file (Embedded), or convert all texts to paths. Please do not send us font files.

6. Try to avoid lossy compression methods in images (e.g. JPG).

7. View the material with Acrobat's "Output Preview" function using the Fogra39 profile.


8. Save the material ready for printing in PDF format.



Each of the poster topics of the campaign is delivered as a separate PDF file.

Note The correctness of the PDF file is the responsibility of the sender, and our partner PunaMusta Coloro will charge the sender of the material according to the time taken for investigation and corrections. The minimum charge is 50 euros (VAT 0%).

9. Pleading
Use the correct latest ICC profile in the proofer. The color print must be color controlled. It should be clear from the printout
•  the name of the output file
•  the name of the profile used in the simulation
• Ugra/FOGRA Media Wedge V2.0g printed with the same color management as the work (more information
•  the signature of the person approving the print
•  clarification of the name of the draft approver.

10. Delivery of materials
The material must be delivered two (2) weeks before the start of the campaign or according to a separate agreement. All materials are delivered via JCDecaux's Content Hub. The first time you register for Content Hub is by email. At the same time, you will receive your own password for later use.

Link to Content Hub

11. Other things to consider
• Overprinting Black text is generally done as overprinting. The exception is large color areas, on the edges of which it is better to use a very small fattening.
•  The maximum number of colors is taken into account in the profile and should not be exceeded.