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Delivery instructions


Material submission

Please, make a final inspection of the material before uploading it to the portal.

Digital media (Digiscreen, Digimalls, Digizone):  MEDIA PORTAL

Material fee 390€ / campaign is added to the campaign costs from 1st of January 2024.

Schedules for the delivery of materials can be found in the material instructions for each product. If more than 20 materials / format are planned for the campaign, please contact about the delivery time of the materials.

Posters and others: MATERIAL PORTAL aka CONTENT HUB

We require that material is delivered 2 weeks before campaign to our material portal.


For posters printed elsewhere:

In case the posters are printed elsewhere If posters are printed elsewhere, it is extremely important to contact our printing facility about the demanded quantity of the posters and technical details e.g. paper quality.

If posters are not printed by JCDecaux Finland, we will charge handling and forwarding cost which will be added to the campaign invoice. Handling and forwarding cost for 20-200 posters will be 250 € + VAT and for more than 200 posters the cost is 300 € + VAT.

Please also remember to deliver information about campaign period and media contract number.

If you choose to print your posters elsewhere, deliver printed posters 10 days before campaign starts at: 

JCDecaux Finland Oy 
Sahaajankatu 34 
00880 Helsinki, Finland