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Sustainability and responsibility

Sustainable development is part of JCDecaux's DNA

JCDecaux actively supports the realization of the principles of sustainable development

JCDecaux has achieved its position as one of the world's leading outdoor advertising companies by developing innovative and high-quality products without compromising on ethical considerations. This shows the company's commitment to taking people and the environment into account while striving for economic development and growing its business.

The JCDecaux Sustainable Development Direction, established in 2007, supervises the implementation of the commitments.

JCDecaux enhances measures that minimize the environmental impact of its operations, such as reducing energy and water consumption, recycling, environmental friendliness in product development and reducing the carbon footprint. The company also actively supports the realization of the sustainable development principles of its partners such as cities, public transport operators, airports, industrial landowners and advertisers.

JCDecaux offers its employees a safe, reliable and efficient work environment and encourages and supports professional development without discrimination. The company also engages its stakeholders in its daily effort to promote sustainable development.

JCDecaux promotes ecology by using electricity produced with renewable forms of energy in its business:

From 2018, the share of green electricity in all energy used by JCDecaux is 100%.

By saving energy using energy-efficient solutions and measures:

JCDecaux has the most energy-efficient digital advertising devices on the market. They have automatic dimming and light output that adjusts according to the outside lighting conditions. Advertising devices are turned off at night.

By completely renovating existing structures:

JCDecaux minimizes the environmental impact of raw materials, water and energy consumption, the amount of waste and transportation

By improving logistics solutions and reducing fuel consumption:

JCDecaux uses energy-efficient vehicles in its operations, and all drivers complete Eco-driving training. Logistical routes are precisely planned and optimized by sector, so that operations are efficient and the routes traveled are as short as possible.

Environmental policy

We evaluate the effects of our operations on the environment every year. We invest in effective information flow in environmental matters. We train our personnel and are committed to achieving the set goals.

We prevent environmental damage by assessing the environmental risks of our own business. Naturally, we comply with the laws and other obligations concerning our operations, and we monitor their changes while evaluating the impact of the changes on our business. We monitor the environmental impact of our operations and implement measures to reduce them.

We are committed to continuous improvement in order to raise the level of environmental performance. This is how we strive to prevent environmental pollution and sustainable use of resources.

Sustainable development, responsibility and ecology are at the core of JCDecaux's operations - without forgetting quality.

Declaration of sustainable development

Since the beginning of its operations, JCDecaux has been committed to working in cooperation with cities, transport companies, public transport operators, airports and advertising and media agencies as well as advertisers to develop the city image.

JCDecaux has become one of the world's leading outdoor advertising companies by developing innovative and high-quality products without compromising on ethical aspects.

JCDecaux will maintain its leading position in the industry by constantly adhering to these values.​​

Commitments of JCDecaux and its subsidiaries:

Enhance its operating procedures that minimize the impact of JCDecaux's activities on the environment mainly - but not exclusively - by reducing energy and water consumption and recycling posters and other waste; strive for environmental friendliness in the redesign of existing products and in the creation of new products; enhance the use of life cycle analyses; and increase the development and introduction of environmentally friendly products, speed up the ISO 14001 certification process, develop and implement the principle of reducing carbon emissions. its products and services by actively offering support to the principles of sustainable development of partners such as cities, public transport operators, airports, industrial land owners and advertisers to develop a concrete way to measure and monitor development to encourage and support internal professional development without discrimination. to provide a safe, reliable and efficient work environment for its employees to maintain commitments to the core values ​​chosen by JCDecaux to commit all our stakeholders through local actions to JCDecaux's everyday pursuit of sustainable development.

The Board oversees and manages the Sustainable Development Direction, which was created in 2007 to define these new challenges and coordinate their implementation.

This speaks of JCDecaux's commitment to taking people and the environment into account as the company strives for economic development. JCDecaux's continuous participation in these matters emphasizes the company's commitment to fulfilling the global responsibilities set for it as a company.

Jean-Francois Decaux​


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