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Basics of outdoor advertising: What is outdoor advertising?

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Outdoor advertising can also be called out-of-home advertising. This comes from the English term Out Of Home, which is often shortened to the acronym OOH. Outdoor advertising almost always reaches the consumer when he leaves his home.
Digital outdoor advertising is also referred to as digital out-of-home advertising, which comes from the English term Digital Out Of Home (DOOH).
Outdoor advertising refers to all advertising aimed at consumers outside the home. Such types of advertising are, for example, billboards, posters, advertising lights, signs and bus stop advertisements.
Outdoor advertising is an effective way to reach a large number of people quickly and get their attention. It is especially useful when you want to advertise your product or service in large and busy areas such as shopping malls, streets, highways or sporting events. In addition, with the help of outdoor advertising, you can create recognition and memorability of your brand, because the ads are often visible for long periods of time.
Another advantage of outdoor advertising is that the ads are often large and visually impressive, which can arouse consumers' interest and make them familiarize themselves with the advertised product or service. Outdoor advertising is also flexible, as advertisements can be placed in different places and at different times, allowing you to reach different target groups.
Outdoor advertising can be used to achieve different advertising goals, such as increasing brand awareness, launching new products, increasing sales or marketing events and campaigns.
JCDecaux's offer in Finland includes advertising media solutions on the street and in public places in cities, on public transport and at stations and near shopping places.
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