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In their collaborative campaign SEK and JCDecaux remind the public of the strength found in small gestures, and how now is the time to care for those close to us. At you can send your well wishes, and they will be shown on digital screens all across Finland.
Together with SEK, we wanted to delight urban residents and offer something to cheer them up in the midst of the current Corona situation. As such, we collaborated to create an engaging and interactive campaign, in which nature comes to life and people have a chance to take part in shaping the message.

This collaborative coverage emphasizes the importance and strength found in small things. Now, if ever, is the time to take care of those close to us, whether they are near by or far away. When facing great changes, even small acts may have an enormous effect.

pienet asiat digitaalinen ulkomainos


It is time to delight people both familiar and unfamiliar!

The campaign started on 4th of May widely across Finland, in all of JCDecaux’s digital impact zones. Dynamic content, where citizens have an opportunity to take part in the campaign by sending their own messages to digital screens, began on 11th of May. Messages can be sent to all our City Digital impact zones from Helsinki all the way to Vaasa and Rovaniemi for the duration of two weeks.

Residents are able to send their greetings, thank their acquaintances, or even remember those not familiar to them at, from where messages are delivered to digital screens in Finland’s largest cities. Now is the time to cheer up your neighbours, for there is strength in small things!



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