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Digital outdoor advertisement takes over 9 new cities! Now JCDecaux’s digital panels reach consumers in Finland’s 14 largest cities.

Concentrations of digital panels have risen to the centers of all new cities. The panels reach untapped customer flows in locations that consumers’ daily lives are centered around.

With DOOH, your brand reaches customers in the liveliest spots around Finland – at the crossroads, where the customer flows intersect.

At the new digital cities, you are able to reach untapped audiences in a novel and interesting way. This offers an opportunity to captivate your customers attention and expand your brand's territory to the largest cities of Finland.


Capture Time & Place with Digital Outdoor Advertisement

With the expansion, digital outdoor advertisement’s unique opportunities reach an even larger urban audience.

The most visible advantage of DOOH is the possibility to use animated video material to capture audiences’ attention. This is a notable benefit, as moving image has been shown to draw eyes more effectively compared to static ads.

DOOH ensures that the marketing message is relevant to the viewer, by taking advantage of the ability to more precisely target specific locations. For example, an ad customized to fit each city ensures the message feels personal to the viewer, culminating as a campaign that is able to truly capture the target segment’s attention.

If customization ensures the audience’s attention, dynamic content makes it so that the customer also remembers the message. Alive, evolving, real-time or interactive – dynamic OOH can be practically anything. Make a custom HTML5 material or take advantage of JCDecaux’s free dynamic rules to create an ad that lives along with customer’s lives.

hifk livetulokset kadulla ulkomainoksessa
The whole city knows the score, when hockey team HIFK is playing, thanks to dynamic OOH

A Flexible Way to Reach Through Finland

The unique way of pricing and planning DOOH, makes it a flexible approach to reach your most important customers.

Now you can plan precise campaigns in all of Finland’s big cities. Digitalization brings with it specific targeting by day or even day-part. This also enables longer campaigns, like displaying your ad every Friday for the rest of the year.

DOOH offers visibility that adapts to the size and requirements of the brand. In addition to the targeting by time, the scope of the campaign can be adjusted by changing the number of playouts. Playouts determine how often an advertisement of shown on the screens of the digital hub. If you already have an idea on how long your campaign should be, just adjust the playouts to fit your budget.

jalostajan hernekeitto mainos torstai lasipalatsin edessä digitaalisessa näytössä
In Finland, pea soup has been traditionally served on Thursday. Jalostaja took advantage of this by creating a campaign that is shown every Thursday

Captivate Audiences at the Intersections of Finland’s Biggest Customer Flows

The impact zones appearing in the centers, marketplaces and shopping hubs of Finland’s largest cities offer an intriguing chance to reach novel audiences.

The new impact zones are up and running* and campaigns are being reserved right now. Kickstart your season by charming all new urban audiences!

*The Impact Zone Jyväskylä will release in Q4

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