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To us, closeness means that JCDecaux and our equipment is where the people are. It is also the manner in which we apporach eachother and our clients.

Our interactions, leadership and way of doing business communicate closeness. We want to be easy to approach. We arrange time for each other, as well as our stakeholders. We listen, understand and communicate. When we are present, we are present both in mind and body.  




We love what we do, and that shows. We are proud of our work and our community. We want a job that challenges and rewards us, as well as our customers.

We improve and develop constantly. Rather than standing still, we push ourselves, our business, as well as the whole industry forward. We boldly step towards unknown, and challenge our customers to follow suit.  





We take responsibility for ourselves, our community, our customers, and our environment.

We evaluate the effects of our actions far to the future, and operate in a manner that inspire confidence. We make choices that bolster us and our sustainability, while pushing us towards a common goal.

We redeem the trust placed on us by being honest to ourselves and others - no matter the situation. We have the courage to also talk about our blunders.


We are stronger together

No one thrives alone, which is why we act together. Working at JCDecaux is to act towards a common goal.

We take our co-workers into consideration. We express our gratitude and acnowledge each other.

At JCDecaux Finland, communication is open and ongoing. It provides value, ideas, energy and a cheerful atmosphere.