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Checklist for materials.

If you want to deliver JCDecaux color managed and press ready material, please familiarise yourself with the instructions below.

1. Verify that the material has been made to right size and it meets all the requirements of the advertising media.
See: Poster dimensions and Design instructions and templates.


2. Use the latest valid ICC profile.
The ICC profiles that JCDecaux has provided must be used if you are preparing material for the JCDecaux printing press. The profiles below are based on test prints conducted at the JCDecaux printing press. 


Download latest ICC profiles: 

When profiles are used for color separation it is good to bear in mind that the profiles only optimise the color separation for the printing process - they don't improve the original. When profiles are used for color separation of images or color proofs, it is important to make sure that the right working methods are being used.


3. Use color management for all the pictures and color elements of the material.


4. Avoid using lossy file types like .jpg.


5. The press ready material must be delivered in a PDF format.
The PDF file must always be created from PostScript file with Acrobat Distiller with JCDecaux joboptions. Every poster to each period should be delivered as one poster in one PDF-file.

Note that the correctness of the PDF file is on the sender´s responsibility and that extra work due to errors in the material will be charged from the sender.

6. Contract proof 
Use the latest ICC profile for proofing, as there should follow a color managed contract proof with press ready material. The contract proof should include the following information: 
- name of the proofed file 
- name of the output-profile 
- Ugra/FOGRA Media Wedge V2.0g outputted with the same colour management as the work itself (
- name of the approver


7. Delivering the proof 
Send approved color proof to: 
Orange Advertising / JCDecaux proof 
Ruoholahdenkatu 8, 3. floor 
FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland 

The covering note should include following information: 
- Job title 
- The name of the file producer 
- Direct phone number to the file producer


8. Delivering the material 
Material should be delivered 2 weeks before the beginning of the campaign or according separate agreement. All material to be print, should be delivered through JCDecaux´s internet material portal. On first visit you will be guided through registration procedure. After registration you will receive the password by e-mail for later visits.

Material portal


9. Things to notice 
a. Overprinting Black text is normally set as overprint. Large color areas are exception, where tiny trapping is good to use. 
b. Total area coverage Total area coverage (maximum ink amount) is defined in ICC profile and it should not be exceeded. 
c. Trapping of overlapping objects CTS-workflow includes automatic trapping, therefore do not include any trapping in your material.


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