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Consumer & POI data in Digital planner

In digital planner you are able to target your digital coverage and select locations based on target segment or point-of-interest data.

Digihubs search criterion are based on Passer-By research conducted by Nepa.
The reserch was conducted as an online questionnaire in the Finnish metropolitan  area, as well as in Turku and Tampere.
- Metropolitan area n=2024, Turku=927, Tampere=1015
- The research exposed the consumer demographics and their interests, purchase decisions, as well as their attitude towards new technologies.
- Using this data, you are able to filter digital hubs based on the type of consumers that frequent the hubs. 

The POI criterion are based on Fonecta's Point of interest -map data.
- The map data includes the location details of nearby retail stores, services, cafes and restaurants.
- This data is used to determine the points of interest close to each digital hubs.
- The points are located within 500m of the digital hub.
- Using the POI filters, you are able to search digital hubs based on generic terms (such as fashion) or on a brand level (ie. Lindex). Generic search includes all stores related to the term, for example 'fashion' would bring all stores related to clothing.


Outdoor Impact

Outdoor Impact is audience measurement system. It provides accurate and reliable reach figures for outdoor media solutions. With the audience measurement system, there is a media currency, VAC in Finland.

Outdoor Impact combines consumer flow data and compares it to outdoor ad displays, based on their location and features (such as size, illumination, distance, and visibility). Outdoor Impact includes research on consumer routing, calculations on traffic flows, classification of outdoor ad displays, as well as an attention value research.



fOOHcast observes the global forces that shape our cities, and affect the time spent outdoors. fOOHcast is building a clearer view of Finnish consumer, and the time they spend in the urban environment, both public and commercial.

The 2017 fOOHcast studied the phenomena brought forth by urbanization, and how the cities are utilized currently, and in the future.

Passer-By Surveys

We are constantly collecting new infromation on the consumers passing through our digital hubs. Passer-By Surveys have enabled us to completely rework the targeting of digital outdoor advertisement.

Passer-by data has been used to create visitor profiles for all our digital products. By taking advantage of these profiles, you are able to reach the correct audiences with your outdoor ad.

Explore the various hub profile data in our digital planner, or check out the larger impact zone profiles, from their respective pages.

In addition to our own research we use studies made by third parties. These include for example studies related to malls, public transport or consumer behaviour.