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The Stationlight is a backlit media surface, known from the metro stations. The Stationlight-posters can be found on the escalators at eye level. Most of the media surfaces are in series of three posters, so you can emphasize your message by dividing it into different posters. The repetition of the three posters also works well with Stationlights, but remember to pay attention to the fact that each poster should do the job on its own.

Make your name known or dominate your own area of influence. The Stationlights are also great for product launching. With Stationlights, you can also make use of the Abriformat.

At their best, Stationlights offer visual entertainment in the form of a story. Often, the Stationlights inform people about new products, movies, fashion and music. The Stationlights are a media one cannot simply ignore, as they definitely grab the attention. With the Stationlights, you can dominate a whole space to great effect. 

Stationlights reach all target groups in the most important market areas through their high repetition. In particular, this media reaches women under the age of 34, under 25-year-olds and students. 23 percent of working adults and students use the metro as their primary mode of transport (Norstat, Liikennemainonnan tulevaisuus, 2013.)


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› Maxi
1 regions 148 surfaces
Campaign time7 daysMedia price7 190,00 €
VAC total contacts2 597 519Attaching and maintenance740,00 €
Impact zone VAC coverage34,3 %Printing PricePrinting Calculator
VAC frequency7,2Total7 730,00 €
Example poster count148 pcsCPT 2,77 €
› Midi
1 regions 128 surfaces
Campaign time7 daysMedia price6 660,00 €
VAC total contacts2 288 460Attaching and maintenance640,00 €
Impact zone VAC coverage35,4 %Printing PricePrinting Calculator
VAC frequency6,1Total7 300,00 €
Example poster count128 pcsCPT 2,91 €
› Mini
1 regions 115 surfaces
Campaign time7 daysMedia price6 060,00 €
VAC total contacts2 091 000Attaching and maintenance575,00 €
Impact zone VAC coverage30,4 %Printing PricePrinting Calculator
VAC frequency6,5Total6 635,00 €
Example poster count115 pcsCPT 2,89 €