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Ostoskärry jossa arlan mainos hypermarketissa

Our Shopping Trolley -network has a strong coverage in K-Citymarkets, as we cover more than 90% of all the K-Citymarkets in Finland.  The Shopping Trolley is the only possibility to impact the consumers’ thoughts at the last minute before their buying decision.

The Shopping Trolley is often the only way to reach and remind the consumer within the store. In Finland, we have over 25 000 Shopping Trolleys. With the Shopping Trolley you get nationwide visibility inside the stores. The Shopping Trolley surfaces are attached to both the inner and outer sides of the trolley to maximize visibility.

You can still influence the consumer at the last minute, as 40 percent of the consumers say that their shopping list changes almost every time after leaving home or work. (IRO 2012).

Although people claim to favor ground floor shops, organic and local produce, you can still see the popularity of the hypermarkets through their actions. The Shopping Trolley is the only product which allows you to influence the buying decisions right where the choices between brands are made. When you place a picture of your product into the trolley, finding it from the store shelves becomes easy too. 

By investing in the visibility right where your products are, you are reminding and influencing the consumer right before their buying decision. With the Shopping Trolley, you can reach 84 percent of 15-74-year olds during their buying decisions (Norstat Finland, 2013).


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Raise interest, attract – end up in the trolley!

Shopping trolleys, 14 days
Media price 17 330 €
Attaching and maintenance 2 756 €
Total 20 086 €
Posters 26 356
Stores 76