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The tram offers the moving media hotspot. The Mega Side of the tram is an impressive and elegant media space. The Mega Side includes three spots on the sides of the new, low-floor tram wagon, all at eye level. With these three surfaces you can either boost your message with repetition, or get across three different messages.  

With the Mega Side of the tram you will reach consumers who are walking, cycling, driving or using public transport in Helsinki. The Mega Side is a great solution, when you wish to reach the active-aged citizens on their way to their leisure activities or shopping. 90 percent of the people in the capital area use public transport. (Norstat, 2013). With the Mega Side of the tram you can also reach people who do not use the tram.


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1 regions 48 surfaces
Campaign time7 daysMedia price9 480,00 €
VAC total contacts1 470 552Attaching and maintenance1 440,00 €
Impact zone VAC coverage48,9 %Printing PricePRINTING CALCULATOR
VAC frequency2,8Total10 920,00 €
Example poster count48 pcsCPT 6,45 €