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The limited amount of Fully Wrapped vehicles will guarantee you the best possible attention the city. In Helsinki, there are multiple Fully Wrapped trams and two metros at any given time.

For trams the campaign time is six months and one year for metros. Please note that the attachment of the Full Wrap is not included in the media price. The wrapping of the trams is executed in mannheimm-style.

Remember to schedule enough time for the implementation. Contact our sales team well before the beginning of your campaign. The wrapping of the tram in particular is very popular, so if you prefer the tram option, contact us right away.

People have a very positive attitude towards the Fully Wrapped. People find that they perk up the street image and get a lot of positive attention. Sometimes passengers wait especially for the Fully Wrapped vehicles and they are remembered for a long time. ”My children love the purple (Sonera) metro wagon." “I like the way that the metro wagons look different from usual. It’s entertaining and effective advertisement.” (Street Talkers, 2014.) 

"They (fully wrapped) bring a fun and playful atmosphere and good mood. (Street Talkers, 2014.)


Contact us for more information:

Customer Service Mon-Fri: 8:30-16.30 (EET)


Vehicle: City: Campaign period: Media price:
Tram Helsinki 6 months 55 000 €
Metro Helsinki 12 months 55 000 €
The prices quoted are in Euros excluding VAT. A 2-15 % commission on the media price is granted by our conditions of sale.

For further information, please contact our sales on +358 207 758 360.