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With the Door Side Panels you can reach pedestrians, cyclists and of course those waiting for their tram. Door Side Panels effectively reach the passengers, including the drivers.

To the people waiting at the stops, the viewing distance is short and the target often standing still. It pays to take advantage of the waiting time by entertaining the audience with interesting messages, for example by telling them about events, new products or offers.

The Metropolitan-package Door Side Panels are located in the capital area’s in the trams of Helsinki. The Door Side Panel is the king of media when it comes to reaching young trend setters. 


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1 regions 62 surfaces
Campaign time7 daysMedia price3 430,00 €
VAC total contacts1 264 651Attaching and maintenance248,00 €
Impact zone VAC coverage45,0 %Printing PricePRINTING CALCULATOR
VAC frequency2,7Total3 678,00 €
Example poster count62 pcsCPT 2,71 €