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Apart from the screens most of us carry in our pockets, there are other screens Finnish consumer sees on a daily basis. 

The unmissable media

Consumers look at mobile phones for hours on end every day. No wonder the competition between advertisers to put their brand on mobile screens has been intensifying, with CPMs increasing, and constant optimization to get ahead.

But apart from the screens most of us carry in our pockets, there are other screens Finnish consumer sees on a daily basis. This screen doesn’t have an AdBlock, it pops into the eye when passing by and it is always on.

Indeed, the digital out of home (DOOH) screen is out there 24/7 in the busiest areas of cities and towns around Finland. And today these screens are available to be bought programmatically via the same platform as all your online ads.

So why should you add programmatic DOOH into your media mix?


1. Accessible

DOOH buying no longer must be a cumbersome back and forth emailing and calling between the publisher and advertisers.

A programmatic DOOH campaign can be set up in as short as 1 day and stay “always on” – available for you to buy the inventory whenever you need, from your DSP.

95% of digital screens of JCDecaux inventory are in 9:16 format, so it is even easier to manage creatives for this medium.



With our “always on” deals, the control of the campaigns is fully in your hands: quick pop-up campaigns, weekend deals, limited time offers, and hyper-local events are available to be set up immediately.

Add smart triggers and demographic audience targeting and you can optimize your ad buying to play only when it is the most relevant, cutting costs.



The same smart triggers that enable ad spend optimization can turn your campaigns into an experience that stands out from the crowd. Take even a simple weather trigger. Norwegian ran ads on rainy days in Helsinki that reminded Finns about sunnier places, coupled with the best flight offers for these destinations.

Add even more smart triggers to this and your campaigns will become an exciting part of your target group’s day.

All in all, programmatic DOOH is an effective channel to add to your media mix: consumers are some 17% more likely to engage with a mobile ad if they saw an OOH ad beforehand.

And if you’re contemplating how to start with pDOOH – we got you covered. 

If you need more information about programmatic outdoor advertising, don't hesitate to get in touch:

Valeriy Neznakhin | Business Manager - Programmatic

Tel. 0207 758 204


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