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Fast reach

Quickly growing awareness

Outdoor advertising works exceedingly well with product launches. This is why it is often used to build awareness about new releases and upcoming changes. OOH also serves to remind and keep consumers up to date about products and brands.

Outdoor advertisements effectiveness in building awareness is based on consumers enormous time spent out-of-home. Commute, recreation and miscellaneous travel, leisurely time spent in the city and Shopping, are an integral part of daily routines for practically everyone. During this time, OOH’s visual communication etches into their memories from the frequency and unbeatable coverage of outdoor media.

Following the trend of urbanization, the average time spent out-of-home is growing. In 2013, people spent almost 9 hours outdoors every day (8,4h/day).

People are reached with visual communication. And due to the visual nature of consumer brands, outdoor trumps all alternatives when it comes to brand building. Consumers are faced with over 20k messages daily (Fluid Drive Media). As such, it is exceedingly difficult to stand out from the noise and occupy a part of consumers time. Thus, brands place their trust in OOH, with 86% of Finland’s 50 largest advertisers investing in outdoor advertisement in 2014.


Visual Media has an Impact

OOH’s influence stems from its clear and minimalistic visual communication, which is able to build emotional bonds between brands and people. Outdoor advertisement deepens the brand’s image in best cases builds on the brand’s story.

In the fragmented ad industry, outdoor advertisement stands out as the last mass media. The outdoor media is not diluted by other content, allowing brand’s message to capture the full attention of passers-by.

Outdoor advertisement’s effectiveness is further elevated by the fact that unlike many other ad-medias, people see OOH in a very positive light. Most urban consumers (80%) consider outdoor ads to be an integral part of urban environment, with nearly half feeling that they bring life to the city.

Simple and to the point communication work best outdoors.


No Ad-Blocking
High frequency

OOH activates and engages

Despite the fact that outdoor advertisement is often recognized on a more subconscious level, it is surprisingly effective in engaging consumers to take action. With OOH it is easy to direct customers to a brick and mortar store or a webstore. Especially brands dealing in consumer goods are good at taking advantage of this activation potential with ads situated close to their retail locations.

Novel brands often take advantage of activation by directing customers to specific websites or mobile apps. This allows a less known brand to build a more intimate relationship with customers while building wider awareness.

Over 35% of consumers have used their smartphone to find a brand after seeing them on an outdoor ad (Ipsos MediaCT, 2012).



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