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Material checklist

  Please do note that the prepress costs are not included in JCDecaux's printing fee. 


If the file contains only a small amount of text, it is advisable to convert fonts to paths or Create Outlines. If, due to the amount of text or the software used, it is not possible to convert to paths, please use the Adobe Font Folio 9.0 library. If you use other typefaces, attach these to the job or convert to paths. Try to avoid the use of TrueType fonts (for. ex. OpenType).

Convert the fonts of any EPS logos to paths, and check that all linked images are included in the .EPS file. Texts as paths and colours as CMYK files.

Resolution of the images is product-specific. The actual resolution of the image depends on the print. Please check it in the product-specific design instructions. Note that changing the size of the image in the lay-out programme also influences its resolution. The recommended image formats are .EPS, .TIFF and .PSD. JPEG packing which reduces the quality of the final outcome should not be used. Please use LZW or ZIP instead.

All images and elements are colour controlled product-specifically and therefore images may be either CMYK or RGB images. Images should include the original ICC profiles used in them. JCDecaux does not use Pantone additional colours in serigraphy. Therefore the colours should be defined as the final process colours (CMYK).

Overprint and trapping 
In most programmes, black text is by default an overprint, i.e. printed over other colours. It is advisable to let the pre press firm handle overprint setup. Do not apply trapping since automatic trapping is part of a normal production cycle at JCDecaux printing press.

Size, trimming edges and margins 
Due to the big size, all poster material cannot be produced in 1:1 size, but they must be produced in the size of the design size. Please check the poster dimensions for the design size, the visible area, trimming edges and margins which vary according to the advertising medium.

Make sure that all links and fonts of the file are attached to it. Delete unnecessary files before sending the material. With the help of the programmes and commands listed below all links needed in printing out the documents can be collected and saved in a specific file: 

- Quark: Collect for output (Collect for printing out) 

- InDesign: Package command

Name the file with a descriptive name. Use only lowcase from a to z, and numerals from 0 to 9, and an under_score instead of a space. Please do not use special characters.

Sample printout 
Always provide a (colour) printout of the final file, showing the name of the document. Always send the printout together with the file by post or courier. If you send the file in digital format, please attach also a low resolution PDF file.

Sending the material 
The material should be sent to JCDecaux printing plant 2 weeks before the commencement date of the campaign or by separate agreement. All material to be printed, should be delivered through JCDecaux's internet portal. On first visit you will ge guided through registration procedure. After registration you will receive the password by e-mail for later visits. Media portal


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