Finnish OOH Takes the First Step Towards Programmatic

The first programmatic DOOH campaign is now live in Finland, marking an important milestone for JCDecaux Finland. 

Things have been moving fast since the announcement of the creation of ‘VIOOH’ (an independent company with a programmatic platform for OOH, with JCDecaux as the main investor) in June 2018 and we are very excited to be live with our first commercial campaign few months later. 


Benefits of Programmatic for K-Group

The reason for K-Group’s commitment towards programmatic development becomes evident from the comments of K-Group’s Head of Data-Driven Marketing Caroline Nykter. “At K Group, our goal is to communicate with our customers on as personal level as possible.” She notes that “It is also very important that we can target our marketing for our different customers via various channels and interfaces.” 

Programmatic allows outdoor advertising to become a better integrated part of modern marketing. “Now that we can utilize programmatic media buying in digital out-of-home media, we can also connect DOOH advertising as a part of our data-driven marketing mix.” Nykter notes. 

On the benefits of programmatic, Caroline mentions that “When we are the ones who control buying, we know exactly where and when the ads are shown”. She continues by describing how this “improves our ability to target and measure our digital marketing”. 


VIOOH & Adform Enabling Programmatic OOH

Using VIOOH Exchange as a supply side platform (SSP) and Adform as the demand side platform (DSP), we are able to target students on an hourly basis in several digital hubs in Helsinki and Tampere. 

The first case has been built as a Private Marketplace, using different sources of data to build the best possible targeting capabilities for K-Group. 

This is the first time K-Group’s programmatic team buys OOH advertising, and the first JCDecaux campaign globally using Adform, as well as the first programmatic campaign for JCDecaux outside of UK! 
An example of Locomizer's hourly data


Consumer Data as the Fuel for Programmatic

In terms of the data, we are using Telia’s crowd analytics quantitative data per hour to identify the peak hours for crowds in each of the hubs (data collected in Spring-Summer 2018). 

On top of this, we use Locomizer’s qualitative hourly data to identify the best places and best times to target students, based on their anonymised mobile behaviour. The combination of data enables K-Group to bid on our inventory per hub on an hourly basis, using their standard Adform console. 

We expect that 2019 will be an important year for OOH in regards to programmatic ramp-up. Even though direct sales to agencies will continue to grow, programmatic will be used more and more both by brands’ and agencies’ trading desks.