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What is DOOH Impression?


DOOH Impression is a new data-based indicator for digital outdoor advertising. Beacon beacons inside advertising media are used to measure impressions, following the amount of traffic passing by. Impression data is collected and updated continuously.

Unlike the OTC number (which is an estimate of the reachability) often used to assess the reach of digital outdoor advertising, DOOH impressions use data to verify the contacts the ad receives. This means that instead of theoretical reach estimates, the advertiser pays for contacts based on anonymously collected, regularly updated, anonymous data from the ad's location.

Why DOOH impression?


The movement of people varies from day to day and year to year. For example, a November sleet in the city center may be quieter than a summer Saturday. As a result, reachability estimates based on theoretical models reported with traditional metrics may not reflect actual audience numbers. The constantly updated DOOH impression data, in turn, reflects these variations, so the advertiser knows exactly what they are getting in return for their marketing effort.

DOOH impressions also allow for more precise targeting. The fresh contact data collected by the advertising devices tells you more accurately and realistically about the movement of the advertiser's target groups in different areas and during the day.

Using impressions also gives you flexibility in campaign planning. The impressions contained in the campaign can be collected quickly with large impressions, or they can alternatively be spread over a longer period of time, with different impressions, for example.

Benefits of DOOH impression in a nutshell:

  •    The advertiser pays for verified contacts instead of repetitions
  •     Ads can be precisely targeted to, for example, time of day or audience
  •     Using impressions gives you flexibility in campaign planning


DOOH impression webinar


We launched a new data-based key figure for digital outdoor advertising on November 17th. webinar. The video is also subtitled in English and can be turned on in the player settings.


Digital Outdoor Advertising Playbook

The media field is constantly becoming more digital and measurable - as is outdoor advertising. New technologies and platforms, as well as advanced data utilization, will enable more targeted, touching and relevant digital outdoor advertising. Download the “Digital Outdoor Advertising Playbook” and learn about the unique features of digital outdoor advertising as a medium.




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