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Digital outdoor advertising

Experiential outdoor advertising where your audience moves!

The data gives you measurability and new targeting options.
Choose professionally designed packages tailored to your specific needs or to your own brand.

Urban Digital - the best digital visibility nationwide and locally!

Flexible urban digital conquers audiences efficiently and measurably throughout Finland. Choose the right solution for your needs from a single display hub, Digihub, to a wider area of ​​influence, in one or more cities. Take advantage of digital outdoor advertising for inspiring, eye-catching content.

Metropolitan Metro Stations - in the heart of traffic flows

In the digital impact zones of the metro, you will conquer the consumer masses of the metropolitan area from east to west and back - every day! Digital outdoor advertising is conquering the road to the hearts of the people along urban rail. Special solutions focusing on Helsinki Railway Square are Compass Rautatietori, DEP and X-track. Along the affected areas are all the shops, services, events of Espoo and Helsinki, as well as the most significant hubs for science and art.
Read more about Metro as an impact zone

Shopping centers and public transport in Helsinki; Metro and trams

The magic of moving images and all the possibilities of digital media. Influence the consumer in the area affected by the shopping malls at the time of purchase, or grab a natural break from public transport in the Helsinki metropolitan area with screens inside the metro and tram.

Digital outdoor advertising - prices and reach

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