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Audience data for outdoor advertising

We ensure your advertising gathers as many impressions as possible. We monitor the mobility index of crowds in different cities on a weekly basis and compile short-term forecasts on the fluctuations in audience numbers. In Helsinki, we monitor the audience numbers collected by digital advertising sc

Dynamic audience data for impact zones and digital hubs

Harness data for more efficient targeting! We compile data from various public sources (including Telia, Statistics Finland and Locomizer audience data) in order to provide you with the best targeting options for outdoor adverting.

Dynamic, data-based digital outdoor advertising campaigns

Target your campaign based on data such as weather and air quality or consumer interests. You can also use the relevant data in your possession as an aid in implementing your campaign and its contents.

Flexible design and implementation tools

Take advantage of the data solutions best suited for your specific needs when designing and implementing your outdoor advertisements. Our solutions include, for example, an AI-based tool for assessing the visual impact of an advertisement.

Successful outdoor advertising with data

The data is utilized in many different ways. Watch a video about our comprehensive range of data, how to use the data to implement more informative and better advertising, and reporting.

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