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The large metro Back Wall offers a brilliant space to highlight, for example, cultural products, brand advertisement and dashing implementations. If you wish to execute your innovation or product distribution in the metro or at the metro station, don’t forget the Back Wall. Remember that in the metro, bright colors and big images are the most eye-catching.

As many as 58 percent of the people in Helsinki say they travel by metro. On the metro, you will reach particularly under 25-year-olds. The most active users of the metro are men under the age of 25 (Norstat, 2013.)

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Back Wall prices:

Back Wall - Metro
Back Wall
1 region 42 surfaces
Campaign time 7 days   Media price 2 457,00 €
Example poster amount 42 pcs   Attaching and maintenance 1 200,00 €
      Printing Price Printing Price Calculator
      Total 3 657,00 €