Suspense is a Choice

Veikkaus set out to bring some colour to the gray Helsinki autumn with an innovative outdoor ad campaign.

The Suspense is a Choice campaign filled the Helsinki Central Station with various games and quizzes. The objective of the campaign was to entertain the Helsinki residents, and bring some joy and excitement into their usual daily routines.



In addition to the usual choices, during the campaign people could run into more surprising queries.

For example, the familiar question “From which staircase first comes a man with a colorful coat?” could suddenly change to “From which staircase first comes a pair of kings”. This sort of small surprises helped bring some added excitement to the campaign.  


Dominance at the Central Station

The campaign was executed by fully reserving the stations digital screens for the duration of the week long campaign. This ensured the undivided attention of daily commuters, and made it possible for the games to continue without interruption through the week.

The campaign was reinforced with custom decals that further encouraged visitors to engage with the campaign.

The exciting campaign has garnered a lot of positive feedback, and interest towards similar implementations.

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