Outdoor advertising’s high impact

JCDecaux Finland, through its internal startup ‘Alpha’, recently implemented a US-based mobile analytics solution from Mobilewalla to capture a potential visitation uplift at a Helsinki Museum being advertised through its Helsinki Digital Network (2 weeks campaign). 

Thanks to aggregated and anonymized mobile location data, it is indeed possible to create the audience pools (Nielsen verified data) and measure visitations within the defined destination geo-fence. In practice, we can measure if the same audience has been detected around the digital billboards in the city centre as well as at the Museum (through mobile device id i.e. IDFA). We had another audience pool that was also in the city centre area, however not detected near our digital billboards. 


Visitation uplift +107%

For similar audience profiles, the results have been as follows: 
  • Audience pool not exposed to the ad i.e. not detected near a billboard: 26 detections at the museum out of 4,127 audience sample (Control Visit Rate 0,63%) 
  • Audience pool exposed to the ad i.e. detected near a billboard: 118 detections at the museum out of 9,042 audience sample (Exposed Visit Rate 1.31%) 

In other word, the visitation uplift for people exposed to the ad vs. people not exposed to the ad was +107%! 
This data clearly shows that outdoor advertising has a very direct, high impact on footfall for this type of campaigns with a similar audience.