One of the new trend this year is that many countries came in force with their own country ‘Pavillion’ e.g. India, Japan, Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Sweden. This shows that the startup ecosystem is getting organised and countries understand the great value that these startups can bring to their economy. 

The variety of the subjects covered was truly impressive and some of the hot topics this year at year included Medtech (e.g. self-diagnostic), Fintech (e.g. crypto, payments) and Automotive (e.g. autonomous, electric).  

In the same way that our vision is to democratise Out-Of-Home advertising, several of these startups are democratising high-tech products for consumers with for example genome analysis or electricity storage solutions for the home. 
These solutions become more affordable for all, and this is also the trend in our Out-Of-Home advertising business, especially as we deploy more and more digital screens that enable more punctual and targeted campaigns. We want to be able to serve a wide range of B2B customers, from the local flower shop owner to the mega-brands. 

In the space of data/analytics, several companies were presenting their Crowd analytics solutions, using either 3D cameras to anonymously show crowd paths in real-time (Delicode) or an SDK based solution to be integrated into an app to bring additional insights on users’ behaviours based on motion sensing (Moprim), still in a GDPR compliant way. Some of these solutions have been previously tested at Alpha but it is always interesting to look at the latest developments, especially as we will be increasing our programmatic activities in 2019. 

Again, some of our customers will be satisfied with high level data that helps them to better understand the overall location’s specificities but programmatic client need detailed hourly audience data per screen.

Finally, some innovative interactive screen solutions and LED-based lighting solutions caught our attention we are always looking for ways to make the user experience as enjoyable and impressive as possible. We envision that some of these solutions could be a great complement to our current offering and expand the impact of the viewing experience. 

Looking forward to visiting Slush again in 2019! 


Xavier Jolas, the writer of this article, runs JCDecaux’s internal startup Alpha. His main focus lies in data, analytics, IoT and location intelligence.