Starting point

Consumers usually stand on bus stops clued to their mobile phones. McDonald’s wanted to try how we can use the outdoor ads and mobile to get spontaneous traffic to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. The creative concept’s background was in McDonald’s Finland’s strategic concept: McDonald’s saves the day. 


We created an outdoor advertisement campaign that was already eye catching with its McDonald’s saves the day approach and its outdoor ads that were purposely hang up upside down or otherwise poorly. But moreover the outdoor ads as well had a beacon, which recognized the McDonald’s app users who passed by the ads.

The McDonald’s Finland application has been downloaded almost 700 000 times and it has 200 000 active users (Finnish habitants: 5 million). 


When a McDonald’s app user passed by an outdoor ad he got a push notification without a call to action. 

When an app user passed by the outdoor ad he received a push notification.




This campaign was a pilot and it was live for 6 weeks in the city center of Helsinki. 
  • 17 500 recognized app users
  • 8200 messages opened
  • 3/100 consumers went to a McDonald’s restaurant after seeing a message nearby an outdoor ad 


The campaign was made by

Client: McDonald's Suomi
Creative: DDB Helsinki
Media Agency: OMD Finland & Ainoa Resolution
Special production: JCDecaux
Digital production: DDB Helsinki & Apegroup