TUI’s multimedia campaign engaged the customers into taking part in the treasure hunt and reached customers outdoors, as well as radio and online. During the highly successful campaign, TUI broke their sales goals by 48%! 

Check out the campaign video: 

Objective: +20% increase in website traffic, weekly sales goals, growth of TUI brand 
Media mix: OOH, Radio, TUI’s digital and social media channels 
JCDecaux OOH media: Abri Finland Maxi and Midi, digital screens in metros and trams 
Target segment: 25-70 year olds interested in travel 
Campaign date: Weeks 2-3 / 2019 
Results: The sales targets were surpassed by +48%! Increase relative to the previous year’s convention week +20%. The campaign gained traction in social media, and TUI’s Facebook traffic grew by 97%.


The Special Implementation Delighted and Engaged Customers

During the Nordic Travel Fair, commuters were surprised with an innovative outdoor ad campaign. TUI hid five winning posters to bus shelters around the metropolitan area. Those who were able to find these posters were rewarded with 500€ gift vouchers, with one lucky individual receiving a dream vacation into the Maldives. Vacation seekers were effectively dispatched with the cooperation of radio and a video ad shown in social media, and the winning posters were found quite quickly. 

”We set out to create a bold new kind of campaign, where traditional advertising mediums of radio and OOH are combined, but with a novel twist. The campaign was a resounding success and the most important sales week of the year met all expectations”, says delighted Anna-Maria Mettin, TUI Finland’s Head of Digital Sales & Marketing. 


Multimedia campaign reached effectively

A spectacular OOH campaign, complemented by a bold special execution strengthened TUI’s brand image and helped the penetration of their marketing communication. Travelling and the HaeTUIn loma campaign were visible in both radio and online through the whole convention week and The winners of the treasure hunt were rewarded in a live radio broadcast on Radio Nova. 

“HaeTUIn loma campaign took an innovative approach to outdoor advertisement and brought TUI to the minds of the urban consumers in a delightful and quite tangible way. The campaign engaged the customers into taking part and reached them outdoors, as well as radio and online. This is a wonderful example of multimedia campaign, where every touchpoint is meaningful”, summarises Sampo Koskinen, JCDecaux Finland’s Head of Marketing. 

HaeTUIn loma campaign was designed and implemented by:
   •  TUI 
   •  Carat Finland 
   •  JCDecaux Finland 
   •  Bauer media, Radio Nova

The top5 reserved summer destinations during the campaing week: 
   1. Rhodes, Greece 
   2. Crete, Greece 
   3. Alanya, Turkey 
   4. Makarska, Croatia 
   5. Cyprus