Dynamic Content for the Launch of New Travel Destinations
During last year, the 6th largest Low-Cost Airline in the world, Norwegian carried over 33 million passengers. The company has over 500 routes, to over 150 different destinations, with one of the youngest and greenest air fleets in the world. It has also been chosen as the best Low-Cost Airline in Europe five years in a row. To the delight of Finns, Norwegian increased its flights and available seats by nearly 80% on routes to Mediterranean destinations, in addition several new routes where launched. The launch of new and increased travel locations was built around smart digital outdoor advertisement.

Objective: Influence Finns’ travel frequency and their choice of airline. 
Media mix: Out-of-home advertisement, print, online 
JCDecaux OOH media: Digital hubs from Helsinki city center 
Target segment: Aged 18-75 
Campaign date: 1 – 7 October 2018 Results: Up to +20% sales increase in advertised destinations


OOH Reaches the Active City Dwellers

A successful launch of the new destinations as well as filling the increased flight capacity was a commercial challenge. How to quickly and effectively communicate the news to the metropolitan consumers? 

In this case, the weapon-of-choice was dynamic digital outdoor advertisement, accompanied by print and online. The goal was to grow interest towards travelling, the launched destinations, and Norwegian itself in new age demographics.

Real-time Weather as the Eye-Catcher 

The campaign utilized real-time weather data, which compared the current weather between Helsinki and the chosen destinations. Comparing the damp October Helsinki to Tenerife’s sun, undoubtedly rose the audience’s enthusiasm for travel. 

“We wanted to have an influence on people and bring out the new destinations in a modern and smart way, using dynamic outdoor advertisement. The content, with weather data integrated to the travel destinations, combined with an affordable price ended up working well”, details Norwegian’s Marketing Manager Patrik Furuhagen. 

From Data Feeds to Dynamic Ad Campaigns

In outdoor advertisement, we see more and more innovative ways to utilize various data sources. With data, it is possible to create interesting and relevant content, leaving only sky as the limit for creative ad design.

This video reveals, how data is used to create more targeted outdoor advertisement