The participants of the focus group were sought with digital outdoor advertising in towns and at shopping centers around Finland. A suitable target segment was reached, guided to the website and as a result the amount of received applications exceeded all expectations. Digital outdoor advertising and the accompanied web address led to around half of the total 3500 applications.

Objective: Raise brand and product awareness, collect a focus group for Cup-One coffee maker, increase understanding of the target segment. 
Mediamix: Outdoor advertising, own media, social media, blog collaboration 
Outdoor advertising media: Digiscreen, Digizone Tampere and Digimalls (Forum, Itis, Koskikeskus, Myyrmanni, Iso Omena and Trio) 
Target segment: 18+ year-old urban coffee drinkers 
Campaign period: 24.7.-6.8.2017 
Results: The target segment was reached and guided to the website in a more challenging advertising period of July. During the campaign, a clear spike in new applications was observed. The amount of applications for the test group (3500) exceeded all expectations 



Outdoor Advertising Caused a Significant Spike in website visitors

The promotion of Moccamaster Cup-One coffee maker was launched July 2017, with a consumer test group campaign. Cup-One coffee maker is a product that wants to meet the needs of the consumer regardless of their current life situation: Coffee of perfect quality, suitable for any moment, one cup at a time! The campaign was seeking insight on the ordinary Finnish coffee drinkers, with an aim to expand the understanding of the target segment. When recruiting the product testers, the main utilized media was digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) and Moccamaster’s own media. In addition, social media and influencer marketing was utilized with a few blog partnerships. The campaign started with social media -visibility and blog cooperation, but during the digital outdoor advertising campaign a significant spike could be observed in the amount of applications. 

10 urban coffee lovers of different ages and life situations from around Finland were sought for the focus group. Digital outdoor advertising provided a broad, fast, and cost-efficient media channel for reaching the target segment, being a good alternative to a TV-campaign for example. Timing the campaign in July raised some questions at the beginning, but with digital outdoor advertising the target group was perfectly reached in the largest cities of Finland: ”Outdoor advertising might be the only media that actually makes it possible to reach the customers during summer season, which is traditionally considered challenging”, Country Manager of Moccamaster, Tiina Airola notes. 


DOOH Reached the Target Segment, Exceeding All Objectives

Approximately 500 applications were expected for the Cup-One test group, but the results exceeded all expectations. During the campaign altogether 3500 applications were received. Despite the time-consuming nature of the application process, the age distribution among the applicants was positively broad, with applicants ranging from 18 to 67 years. 

There were plenty of applicants to choose from, and Cup-One coffee maker managed to gather a varied, motivated and dedicated group to test the product. Digital outdoor advertising managed to reach ordinary coffee consumers regardless of age and life situation. The outdoor advertisement served as an efficient and well reaching channel. This also rose the awareness of the brand and product, which could be seen in the growth of online sales.


Digital Outdoor Advertising in a Lead Role in the Follow-Up Campaign

Moccamasters next consumer activating marketing project will start at the beginning of December, before the Finnish Independence day. Moccamaster Design Store Pop up will take over the Tori Quarters during the national coffee moment in 5th of December at 14:00, and will be open until 17th of December. At the pop up customers have a chance to relax with Moccamaster and quality coffee, in the middle of the busy Helsinki Christmas. ”In December our pop up is located in the middle of Helsinki, along the metro and tram lines at the Tori Quarters, so the digiscreens in trams and subways are perfect fit for this campaign”, Tiina Airola tells and continues ”Outdoor advertising has a leading role in this campaign as well, as we wish to guide our customers to visit the pop-up.”