Shopping Trolley - make effect just before decision to purchase!


Ensure the visibility of your product on every day the shop is open and make effect just before decision to purchase. Influence at the very moment when consumers make their product group and brand choices.

Reach 80 % of the 25-44-year-old purchasers inside stores where they are making last minute purchase decisions.

Our Shopping Trolley network covers strongly Prismas and K-citymarkets. Network has extended and new retail stores in the network are Jumbo, Prisma Kouvola, Ylivieska and CM Palokka.

Catch the eye, tempt and convince!

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Title Campaign period Cities Posters
Shopping trolleys, Citymarket 14 days 55 27746
Shopping trolley, Prisma 14 days 39 25295
Shopping trolley, shopping malls 14 days 12 7742
Shopping trolley nationwide network 14 days 60 60783


Source: Outdoor Impact, 12-74-year-olds.

The prices quoted are in Euros excluding VAT. A 2 - 15 % commission on the media price is granted by our conditions of sale.